Board Elections – 2015

As of Sunday, June 21st, 57 out of the 128 member-owners of the High Five Co-op elected the following Board Directors:
  • Laura Barbrick
  • Jorel Van Os
  • Jim Jones
  • Joshua Smith
  • Nick Duesbery
  • Cynthia Cooper
  • Doug Petteys
Eric Pell and Gregg Hampshire are the remaining two Directors of the High Five Board. Eric and Gregg were exempt from this year’s election, since they were elected to two-year terms at last year’s election.

We want to thank everyone that joined us at our 2015 Members’ Assembly and all the member-owners that participated in this year’s election! We’re very excited to welcome Cynthia, Doug, and Nick to our Board and look forward to making some great strides with them.