Founding Member-Owner Benefits

Own a brewery

Equal ownership of High Five Co-op Brewery, Inc.

Voting Rights

Vote on important decisions concerning the co-op, and elect the co-op’s board of directors

mug club

Lifetime mug club membership ***When doors open

Immediate Benefits

  • High Five Founding Member-Owner bottle opener (coming soon to all founding member-owners)
  • Able to join co-op committees and help guide us towards opening the brewery’s doors
  • Invitation to special member-only events
  • Ability to run for board of directors

When we open

  • Exclusive invitation to the brewery’s soft opening celebration
  • Special Founding Member-Owner imperial (20 oz) pint glass

• Standard pints are 16 oz (or less for those who aren’t following Michigan law)

• You get 25% more beer for the same price

  • Access to exclusive member-owner events and specials
  • Your name on the wall (or on a plaque) indicating that you are a Founding Member-Owner
  • Patronage rebates – when financially able, the co-op’s profits that are not reinvested into the brewery will be distributed between the workers and the member-owners (to the extent allowed by federal/state/local law)

Become a Member-Owner Now

Step One

Fill out the required online membership forms here. The first section is for the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC), which we will submit when we file for our microbrewery license. The second part is the High Five application which we require for our records.

Sign Forms

Thanks! Don’t forget to finish the next step after filling out the  membership forms.

Step Two

Member Ownership cost is $150 + processing fees

Click the button below and authorize payment (be sure to use the same email address as you used in step 1 . You should immediately receive an email receipt for the transaction.

Step Three

Responsibly enjoy a beer! After we’ve reviewed your membership forms we’ll email you to confirm that you’re now a member-owner of High Five Co-op Brewery. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing.

Still Have Questions?

Please check out our frequently asked questions section, read over our business plan, bylaws and more, or contact the board with your inquiry. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.