In the spirit of openness, transparency, and co-operation we periodically release and update the documents and other resources that the co-op uses for its operations, membership, and governance.

2018 Board of Directors Election Application

2017 Board of Directors Candidate Questionnaires

2016 Board of Directors Candidate Questionaires

Investment Offering FAQ Sheet

Summary of Offering

Membership Units Subscription Agreement

Member Owner FAQ Sheet

2015 Board of Directors Candidate Questionaires

High Five Co-op Brewery – Referral Program

High Five Co-op Brewery – Articles Of Incorporation

High Five Co-op Brewery – Bylaws

High Five Co-op Brewery – Business Plan

High Five Co-op Brewery – Membership Application

MLCC Form 3015 Part 6

Application for New Licenses, Permits, or Transfer of Ownership or Interest in License (Manufacturer and Wholesaler Applicants Located in Michigan Only)

Democratic Rules of Order

An alternative to Robert’s Rules, and the parliamentary standard that we use to conduct our meetings