The High Five Co-op Brewery is a democratic community space in Grand Rapids, Michigan where brewers and consumers come together to learn about, make, and enjoy quality craft beers.


The founding members got the project off the ground in 2011 when they presented the idea for a cooperative brewery to a 5x5 competition panel and was awarded $5,000 in startup capital.
Since then, High Five has grown to over 125 member owners who share a passion for craft beer and a vision to share the cooperative brewing model in West Michigan.
High Five Co-op has been active doing collaboration beers at local breweries, sponsoring community events, hosting meet ups, and designing their upcoming investment share offering.
The official investment offering will be held March 4, 2016. Once the required funds are raised we can open our doors.


High Five sound awesome! Can I join online?

Yes! You can now join online.

Do member-owners have limited legal liability like with an LLC?

Member-owners of a cooperative enjoy limited liability for the debts and obligations of the business, including liability for the unlawful acts of other shareholders and employees. Your liability ordinarily is limited to amounts invested in the cooperative. However, limited liability does not relieve you from personal liability for your own unlawful actions.

A co-operative brewery? That sounds great! When are you opening?

We are still in the planning stages, but we are actively meeting together as a group and as committees to work towards our eventual goal of opening our own microbrewery in Grand Rapids, MI.

Where will you be located?

A specific location has not yet been determined, but the brewery will be located in Grand Rapids, MI. We are actively seeking a suitable location for this purpose.

Will I have to be a member to enjoy your beer?

No way! Members will get the benefit of being part-owner of the brewery, with the voting rights and other benefits that go along with membership, but the brewery will be open for all to enjoy. Our brewing committee has already brewed some fantastic beers. Check our events and news for opportunities to sample our beer and get involved.

I'm interested in learning more. What can I do?

Please see our Resources page, where in the spirit of transparency and cooperation you can view our Articles Of Incorporation, our Co-op Bylaws, and more.

Our Board Members

Laura Barbrick
Terry Davis
Vice President
Doug Petteys
Jim Jones
Cynthia Cooper 
Director - Web Development
Elena Bridges
Director - Member Engagement
Arick Hopper
Director - Brewery Development
Nick Duesbery
Joshua Smith
Director - Social Media


Members Assembly – 2015
Members Assembly – 2015
Board Elections – 2015
Board Elections – 2015
Final Gravity – Hot Chocolate Milk Stout
Final Gravity – Hot Chocolate Milk Stout
Hopcat – High Class Gentleman
Hopcat – High Class Gentleman
Investment Launch Party
Investment Launch Party
White Flame – Eastown Sesh Ale
White Flame – Eastown Sesh Ale
Final Gravity – Asimina Saison
Final Gravity – Asimina Saison
Gravel Bottom Brewery & Supply – Mango Unchained
Gravel Bottom Brewery & Supply – Mango Unchained

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